Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Month in Libya

discussing the role of comparative constitutional models with civil society leaders
at the Once Voice Conference Janurary 27, 2012 

I was able to spend January 20-February 17 in Tripoli, Libya acting as an independent constitutional legal historian.  During this time, I advised members of the General National Congress, international non-governmental institutions, and local civil society organizations and legal experts, providing them with contemporary and historical comparative constitutional models as they considered  questions regarding constitutional process--most particularly whether and how to elect or select their constituent assembly.

I also continued my constitutional editorial series in the Libya Herald from a first-hand perspective, using them in part to document Libya's constitutional process and to better familiarize myself with the people and issues about which I have been writing since last August.

Here I provide links to the editorials written while in-country and since returning.

March 31, 2013

Supreme Court ruling may provide opportunity for intelligent design of Libya's constitutional process (Part 2)
March 13, 2013
(A version of this editorial also appeared on I-CONnect, the blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law)

15 February unrest points to importance of Constitutional Process Design (Part 1)
February 14, 2013

Join or Die: Part II
February 28, 2013

Join or Die: Part I
February 2, 2013

HNEC Being Re-organized for Constitution Committee Elections
February 11, 2013

GNC decides on elections, Adrian Pelt would be pleased
February 6, 2013

Making use of the people's voice in Libya's constitution
January 26, 2013