Monday, 25 June 2012

Hope Soars for Libyan Election

Election Posters in Tripoli  
I saw many posters like this today during my visit to Tripoli--for the Muslim Brotherhood, the coalition party (made up of 30 different organizations), the Libyan National Salvation Front, and the national party.  Everywhere the green, black, and red flag is flying--on bunting as shown above, over streets and buildings, even painted on metal doors and found on countless graffitied walls.

The hope for upcoming elections is also ubiquitous.  All I met with talked of hope for their country - hope that corruption will decrease, hope that businesses will finally be allowed to prosper, and hope that the government will ensure stability and security for its much-beleaguered citizens.

For their sakes, and for the health of the Middle East revolutions, I hope it is so.  In a week where Turkey is pressing for retribution against Syria for shooting down a plane, and an Egyptian counter-revolution was a near-miss, the region could certainly do with legitimated political success.

By the looks of things, the Libyans are well on their way.

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